Otso is the spirit of the bear in Finnish mythology, the most important, revered, and respected animal of all. 

Otso is the noble king of the forest and a symbol of strength and courage. The bear spirit is also a relative, an ethereal forest cousin or brother. He can be seen in the freezing snow and blowing leaves or the bright sunshine and moonlit skies of the wilderness. On forest trails, gravel roads, or urban streets, an Otso bike will inspire you to achieve your best in whatever way you ride.

Founded by engineers, Otso are experts in molding, stainless steel tube welding, investment casting, and ISO fatigue testing, just to name a few. They are also innovators of frame design and adjustable dropout systems, creating unique and highly customizable bikes. Offering frame-only and a la carte build options, Otso allows the rider freedom to tailor their bicycle to the desired level of specification.