The Tailored Bicycle

who we are

Savile Road takes its name and ethos from the iconic Savile Row, a street in Mayfair, central London renowned for the world-class tailors who have operated there since the nineteenth century. Situated at the foot of the illustrious Albany apartments, the street's proximity to British High Society helped propel these tailors' work to global acclaim. The term bespoke is even understood to have originated here-once a client had selected the bolt of fabric their garment would be made from it was said to be spoken for.

Where you can find us

Located just outside Albany, New York, Savile Road specializes in tailoring bicycles rather than menswear. Our intention, however, is the same: to emphasize quality, fit and customization and execute each to the highest degree.

Our process

Our process begins with a curated selection of bicycle brands and frame builders chosen for their outstanding craftsmanship. Our offerings include ready-to-ride and frame-up options from Specialized, Colnago, Pinarello, Pegoretti and Otso as well as custom fabrication from Mosaic and others. Additionally, we carry a broad selection of saddles, handlebars, wheels and more to fine-tune fit and handling characteristics to the rider's preference. Every bicycle at Savile Road is assembled and serviced with the highest quality tools and compounds to ensure exceptional function. For those wishing to further enhance their experience on the bike, our fitter pairs a process honed through numerous certifications and thousands of fits with advanced technology to achieve a precise and effective fit.

Our core principle

We believe the value of tailoring lies as much in utility as it does luxury. The true signifier of quality is not a logo or emblem but rather the attention to detail. The materials used, intended purpose and the specific needs of the individual must all be taken into consideration. Looks, comfort, durability and practicality are all intertwined and the best expression of these traits can only truly be achieved by starting with the customer. That is our vision of The Tailored Bicycle: beautiful, comfortable, reliable and made just for you.