The Bike Fit Experience™

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Savile Road opened its doors in 2013 operating exclusively as a fit studio and fitting remains at the core of everything we do. However, not all bike fit issues can be rectified using only the adjustment on offer from stock componentry. We quickly realized the limitations of diagnosing customers while sending them elsewhere to achieve the prescribed changes.

It became clear that the most effective way to address the challenges of bicycle fitting would be to provide the solutions in house. We've since partnered with a capsule of brands selected for their commitment to enhancing the rider's experience with their equipment. This has allowed us to develop The Bike Fit Experience™: a comprehensive evaluation of every element affecting comfort on the bike from helmet to foot beds.

Our process

Cycling is rich with history and tradition, and at Savile Road we love stories. It could be said that every fit has its own story, and we want to hear yours. That's why we start each session by conducting an in-depth interview. This aids us throughout the process by helping us understand you as an individual rider. The impetus for your fitting, your aspirations as a cyclist, your athletic background and your daily routine outside of cycling all provide valuable context when determining your ideal fit.

The assessment

If we view your bike fit as a story, you must be the protagonist. Your equipment on the other hand could be a red herring. We don't want to lose the plot, so before you get onto your bike we make a thorough assessment of your flexibility and range of motion. This helps to highlight your strengths and uncover any challenges that may affect your position. Only once we have a detailed understanding of your individual fit requirements do we begin to consider your equipment.

Observation and feedback

We then observe you on the bicycle, and with the aid of motion capture and video replay technology we analyze your position and technique. Keeping in mind everything we have learned about you, we will begin to make adjustments.

With your feedback, we refine your fit and where appropriate offer suggestions on equipment to improve your comfort and efficiency. From custom foot beds, to saddles and chamois and beyond, we can outfit you with these final touches to create a truly custom fit.

What we offer


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