Scarab Cycles

Born in the Andes, Scarab builds custom bikes with a Colombian soul to match.

Colombia thrives with impressive and colorful landscapes and towns, flavorful tropical fruits and joyful rhythms of music. Its people are faithful to tradition, and possess a spirit of perseverance, entrepreneurship and liveliness. This is evident in their globally renowned cycling culture that shines all over the country.

From the technical aspects of a made-to-measure frame, to the personalized artistic touches of the finish, to the human connection with like-minded individuals and the essence of Colombian culture, we can’t tell you just one reason why you should choose a bike from Scarab.

The heart of every Scarab is the steel from which it is crafted. Steel has a long history in cycling and has evolved over time into an advanced performance material, and one of the best for balancing the ride characteristics of a bicycle.

Ride quality, durability, stiffness and even light weight - yes, light weight, within reason of course - are all aspects of bike design that can be dialed into a bicycle frame using steel. In addition to its timeless intangible "dance partner" feel, steel also takes the harsh edge off of rough road conditions while providing trebuchet-like power transfer. With the ability to cut, butt and miter each individual tube, steel also lends itself perfectly to custom.

A custom bike starts with you: the rider. The bike is designed from the ground up as a personal expression of yourself as a cyclist. A proper fitting will illuminate for both you and the designer how you interact with your bike, providing not only the coordinates for your contact points but an insight into how your bike should handle. This is also the beginning of the visual design conversation.

Beyond orthopedic needs and efficiency gains, the benefits of a custom-fitted bike extend to handling characteristics as well. Scarab strive to embue each of their bikes with what they call telepathic handling: a harmonious composition of agility, comfort and performance that make handling your Scarab feel effortless.

The most visible aspect of your custom Scarab is the paint. Whether you choose a custom color palette or select from a variety of pre-designed paint schemes, the options are nearly limitless and always unique. The one constant in this step, as with each step in the process is that it revolves around the rider. Your story, your preferences, your inspiration to ride - Scarab want to to get to know you and reflect that in their final product.

Colombians, and the folks at Scarab, don’t obsess with cycling - they live it with passion. Choosing Scarab is about sharing that passion, and creating a bike that brings you joy and excitement each time you ride it.