Fatti con le mani; or made by hand. This is what makes Pegoretti unique. 

Company founder and namesake Dario Pegoretti first came to prominence while apprenticing with master Italian framebuilder Luigino Milani in the 1980s, building custom bicycle frames under contract for that decade’s best professional racers, who placed their own sponsors’ decals over Dario’s hand-welded framesets.

In 1990, eager to experiment with new forms and techniques, Dario set out to build frames in his own name, developing a signature style that melded art, music and strikingly innovative techniques. At the same time, he established a team of artisans capable of interpreting his vision.

After Dario’s passing in 2018, the “Bottega” continues to be inspired by his unique outlook on life, and today, the workshop remains a place for those who seek individual, honest products, built with precision, quality and timeless style.

The Pegoretti range consists of several frames to suit almost everyone’s interpretation of a high-performance road bicycle, from Round, the last word in stainless steel, to the classic lines and lugs of Luigino. 

When choosing a Pegoretti, it’s worth remembering that comfort and responsiveness are relative. All of our frames are comfortable; all of them are responsive. The difference is in the details. And, of course, what matters most is how you ride and what characteristics you want your frame to exhibit. If in doubt, contact us, and we can recommend the best model for you.

Ciavete is the original ‘surprise me’ scheme, a freeform, abstract painting style equally inspired by the client and the moment.

Each Ciavete is a unique composition, and, as the nature of the artwork suggests, arrives unseen – a complete surprise. However, the Bottega will happily note down your colour likes and dislikes, or any starting point of inspiration you wish to communicate, before starting work.

Naturally, there’s a lot of trust involved in handing over complete artistic freedom, which is why the Ciavate scheme, like our painted graphics and panel schemes, is an optional add-on chosen at the time of ordering.