Steven LeBoyer

Steven steers the ship at Savile Road. Fresh off of Wall Street, he got his start in the cycling industry applying his knack for precision and trend forecasting at some of the most esteemed bike shops in New York City. Prior to opening Savile Road he was the director of the Serotta Fit Lab and his resume is peppered with endorsements and certifications from the likes of Serotta International Cycling Institute, International Bike Fitting Institute and ReTul. In addition to all the acronyms after his name, he also has the tangible experience of thousands of fits under his belt. The breadth of these observations has lent him the knowledge to personalize each fit to the riders' individual needs.

In addition to directing The Bike Fit Experience™, Steven is our Chief Regaler and loves to share the stories he's collected working in the industry. An avid collector, his cycling memorabilia adorns the walls of Savile Road so if you're looking for a conversation starter, just look around. He is also a human rolodex of vintage and European automobile trivia, and never misses an opportunity to discuss the more interesting rides that pass by the shop. Steven is aided by his steadfast accomplices Tullio and Stella who comprise the welcoming committee at Savile Road. 

Michael Dieffenbach

With a background in finance and merchandising, Michael handles day-to-day operations at Savile Road. A devourer of spec sheets and geometry tables, he can be pretty helpful on the sales floor, too. Michael is moved by the human aspects of cycling - the merging of cultures, the self expression, the challenges, the triumphs and the appreciation of the journey itself. He is drawn to the idea of bike shops as cultural hubs and believes that the cycling experience is enriched when we lean into its anthropological aspects. 

In addition to looking at and talking about bikes, Michael also occasionally likes to ride them. Long format rides are his preference; Tantric Cycling you might call it. His favorite routes have elevation profiles that mimic a heart rate monitor, but he still rides the bike path if he has to. He'll even dabble with the downhill park if you pay for his lift ticket. 

Geoff Hull

Pragmatism. Nuance. Balance. Whether your goal is to ride the bike path in comfort or don the UCI Rainbow Stripes, Geoff can (and has!) help to achieve your own pain-free, peak-performance position

Prior to cutting his teeth as a bicycle mechanic in Georgetown, MA, Geoff spent nearly fifteen years working with a Chiropractor as a Muscular Therapist. With a focus on postural analysis and movement therapies, this background has given him the insight and toolset to work with riders to address their positional challenges beyond the fit studio by means of isolated weight training, physical therapy and yoga. It was also here that he developed pre- and post-surgical solutions to aid riders who have had or may be in need of joint replacements. 

While coaching on form and prescribing exercise regimens are key elements to Geoff’s approach to fitting, he believes that relationship building is just as important in the process. A bike fit is a singular data point in the grand arc of one’s cycling career, but by incorporating ongoing feedback from the rider it can morph and grow to stay current. A fitter in tune with a rider makes for a rider in tune with their equipment, and Geoff knows a thing or two about tune: in addition to everything outlined above he also has a history working as an Audio Engineer for live performances in New York City.


Hailing from New York City, Brian joins Savile Road as our Service Manager. A veteran of the road racing and criterium scene there, his time bumping elbows in the peloton has helped him develop the hands-on product knowledge that makes him such a savvy consultant on dream builds and repair work alike. Off the bike Brian is a true student of the craft, honing his skills at the mechanics bench and constantly looking to expand his technical knowledge.

While still living in New York City he began to broaden his ambitions beyond the tarmac, participating in gravel events such as The Mid South in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Now that he's relocated upstate, he looks forward to continuing his journey off the beaten path and spending more time on mountain bikes.