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Pinarello Grevil Ekar Champagne 53

Description :

Grevil F is the Dirt Dogma, a gravel bike done in true Pinarello fashion.

  • Differentiated geometry and rake ensures the same trail and the same control across all frame sizes.
  • Reach and stack: Compared to a traditional road bike, the GREVIL F has shorter reach and higher stack to create an elongated position, offering better comfort and better handling
  • An increased seat tube angle allows for greater wheel clearance
  • Modified fork angle and Rake ensures better handling and riding comfort
  • Chain stays: Measuring between 422-425mm. This provides the best compromise between responsiveness and comfort. Compatible with 700c or 650b wheels.
  • Maximum energy transmission and vibration absorption
  • The right chain stay is rotated downwards, as is the right seat stay, to have both rear triangles symmetrical with a uniform response to pedal strokes. Different connection points for the seat stays allows the seat tube to absorb impacts coming from the rear wheel in a more uniform way.

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Pinarello Grevil Ekar Champagne 53

Price: $6,500
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